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About Us

We are professional implementers and quick thinkers.


With our work we want to find and implement effective, efficient and profitable solutions for the energy transition.


We bring a rare combination of well-founded specialist knowledge, dynamism, determination, pragmatism and creativity with us.


Let us work together to tailor a solution that is perfectly suited to you and your context!

Jachin Gorre
founder  and CEO

Jachin Gorre has a degree in process engineering (M.Sc.) with a focus on chemical and energetic process engineering. He uses his experience in the field of project management, conception and system planning for feasibility studies and techno-economic evaluation of power-to-gas projects. He is always on the lookout for economical applications of Power-to-X and the coupling of the heating, electricity and mobility sectors.


Dr. Elimar Frank holds degrees in physics and theology and holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering. He has held various management positions in energy research and finance, and has been involved in foundations and associations, including in development cooperation.

We have an excellent network of cooperation partners. After consulting with you, we can call on experts from this network if necessary. Details are given on request.

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